Who are we

FALM, Ferreira de Almeida, Luciano Marcos & Associados, Sociedade de Advogados, R.L., is a law firm founded in late 2006 focusing on urbanism, real estate, energy, environment, public procurement, commercial law and litigation. FALM is the product of the experience of its partners and associates: experience gained in the various fields of advocacy, legal advice and the teaching of law.

quality consistency firmness defense empathy loyalty justice



Advocate for justice

Everything that is done at FALM has in mind our mission of defending only fair cases. At FALM we contribute daily to the achievement of justice, refusing futile lawsuits or the defense of interests not worthy of legal protection, knowing that only in this way we contribute to the personal and professional valorization of our lawyers.


Loyalty above all, meaning that it is the interests of our Clients that determine FALM's commitment to their defense.


Empathy for our clients’ issues taking into consideration their problems. We always take into consideration our clients’ point of view so that we can better understand and solve their problems.

Firmness in the defense of the clients' interests

Firmness in the affirmation of good practices, of the principles and rules of the exercise of the profession.

Quality and consistency

Guarantees, first and foremost, of the individual achievement of the lawyers, but also the daily requirement of the work carried out, without distinction in terms of the dimension of the matter entrusted to FALM or of the Client interested in the services we provide.


we do

FALM carries out its’ activities in the generality of the branches of Law, with a special focus on the various areas of Business Law and Administrative Law.